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Texas Hold 'em Hole Cards' Nicknames

Hold 'em, like any other sport, has developed its share of slang over time. Below are some of the nicknames given to hole cards. Use them! Be in the game!

These nicknames appear on TV, books, internet, tournaments, home games and even just casual conversation.

AA: American Airlines, bullets, or pocket rockets

AK: Big slick

AJ: Ajax

KK: Cowboys

KJ: Kojak

K9: Canine

QQ: Ladies

JJ: Jokers or fish hooks

J5: Jackson Five

T5: Nickel and dime

T2: Doyle Brunson

99: Meat hooks

88: Snowmen or double infinity

77: Hockey sticks

44: Sailboats

22: Ducks or deuces

55: Sam hagar or speed limit

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